At present, most featured and glamorous actress whose name is Katrina Kaif. She was born on 16 July 1983 in Hong Kong. Her father name is Mohammed Kaif. He is a British businessperson. He comes from Kashmiri descent. Her mother name is Suzanne (also spelled Susanna). She is an English lawyer and charity worker.


Katrina Kaif has seven siblings those who are Stephanie, Christine and Natasha are older sisters of her and also have three younger sisters those who are Melissa, Sonia, Isabel and another have an older brother who is Michael. Isabel Kaif establishes herself as a model and actress. Kaif’s parents are divorced when she was passing in her childhood. After that, her father moved to the United States.


Kaif said to her father that we do not try to dominance on Kaif or her siblings when they are growing up. Kaif and her siblings were grown by their mother. Katrina Kaif is passing her life through the absence of her father. Kaif described her father: “when I see that my friends have wonderful fathers who support their families. Then I say if only I had as like theirs. However, without complaining, I should express gratitude for all the other things how much I have. She said to The Indian Express in 2009 that she had not in touch with her father.


Katrina Kaif says of her mother who decided that her life dedicated to social causes which the families relocate to a number of countries for irrelevant lengths of time.


From Hong Kong, I was born over there. From there, our transitions were growing up, to China, then to Japan, and in next went to France by boat from Japan…… After Switzerland. I passed out many East European Countries for only a few months each. In later I went to Poland in Krakow. After that, we went to Belgium.


I started living in Belgium, for short time I lived in Hawaii. At last came to London. For this reason frequent relocation, Kaif and her siblings read by a series tutors in home-schooled. Although it seems that Katrina Kaif raised in London. Actually, before moving to India, She lived in London only for three years. According to Katrina Kaif, she changed her surname to her father’s. Because she guessed that by this name would be easier to pronounce. Always wearing a Tw’wiz, she started in an online interview.


In Hawaii, she won a beauty contest in 2003 when she was in fourteen. After that, she received the first assignment in jewelry as a model. In later he established himself as a model in London. Regularly she working as a model at London Fashion Week for freelance agencies and appearing. Gradually she built himself as a Bollywood actress.


In 2003, her first debut in Bollywood by the film of Boom. At last, she is able to receive the attention of media and growing her popularity. She is presenting many super hit films in Bollywood until now.